Michael I. Goode is a performer, author and stage fright consultant who is a recognized world authority on stage fright and the nervous system. His first book, Stage Fright in Music Performance and Its Relationship to the Unconscious, is currently being used as a university textbook. He has lectured on the topic at major music schools and universities throughout the United States and Canada.
In 2004, Mr. Goode presented a paper on the subject for the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) at their International Symposium in Aspen, Colorado. He has also taught on the subject at the East-West Division of the UCLA Medical School in Santa Monica, California, under the sponsorship of Dr. Marc Brodsky, like Mr. Goode, also a PAMA member. Mr. Goode has served as the Artist Mentor for the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, a position also held previously by the noted violinist Pinchas Zuckerman. Michael has also been on the BBC World Service Program "Music Review" as its special interview guest and has been interviewed by Martin Perlich on the Martin Perlich Interview program on KCSN-FM, an NPR affiliate. Mr. Goode has been a consultant for both the Screen Actor's Guild Foundation and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists and has presented numerous workshops there for actors for both organizations. He also writes a monthly advice column for the American Federation of Musicians Local 47 newspaper, the Overture, called Ask Mike! Mr. Goode has also been a guest columnist for the International Musician, and has been featured in both Classical Singer and the Instrumentalist magazines.

As a performer, he has served as Assistant Principal and Section Trumpet of the Ravinia Festival Orchestra, under major conductors where the orchestra backed soloists from the Metropolitan Opera of New York as well as played major symphonic works with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He was also simultaneously Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Reading Orchestra (CRO), conducted for a time by a staff conductor from the Metropolitan Opera of New York and primarily by its principal conductor, Kim Diehnelt. The CRO was a professional development orchestra that Mr. Goode founded in 2005 to help post-graduate professional musicians win major symphony auditions. Fifteen players went on to win major professional auditions as a result of their experience with this orchestra. Alumni and players from major orchestras including the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Lyric Opera and Vienna Philharmonic served as members, principal players and mentors in this orchestra along with the post-graduate players. The Chicago Reading Orchestra premiered the 2006 Angel Lam Yo-Yo Ma Carnegie Hall Composition winning piece and the 2005 Mahler competition winner by Bjourn Berkhout in the summer of 2006. From 2000-2003, Mr. Goode served as Principal Trumpet of the Bismarck Mandan Symphony Orchestra, which featured many world-class soloists including IMG Artist Henning Kraggerud and staged full opera works as well as major symphonic repertoire. The orchestra also premiered works for the first time in North America by Scandanavian composers. During his tenure with the BMSO, the orchestra was also conducted by Leonard Slatkin under a program sponsored by the National Symphony and the National Endowment of the Arts. He counts among his mentors his teachers, Adolph Herseth, Principal Trumpet Emeritus of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Arnold Jacobs, of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Don Greene, PhD, formerly of the Julliard School, and Philip Hoffmann, esteemed Biological Sciences and University of Chicago Medical School faculty, who served as his thesis adviser in graduate school for his M.L.A. there.

Mr. Goode currently serves as Principal Trumpet of Symphony 47 and has a busy practice of private stage fright and audition consultations, as well as presenting numerous workshops on the topic across the country. He serves as Adjunct Faculty in the Applied Music Department at Santa Monica College and maintains a private teaching studio in Los Angeles County, California. Mr. Goode is currently editing his second book, Your True Self, due out sometime soon in the fall of 2009. For further information on Michael, or to schedule a stage fright consultation. trumpet lesson, masterclass, audition coaching, artistic consultation, or workshop presentation, please contact him via email at info@trumpetworkspress.com or via web www.trumpetworkspress.com.